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🇹🇷 6th CMAS Freediving Indoor European Championship – Istambul, Turkey 2019

(Sportalsub.net / CMAS / TSSF) - Leer en Español The 6th CMAS Freediving indoor European Championship will take place in Istanbul, Turkey, from 17th to 23h June. CMAS has entrusted to the Turkish Underwater Sports Federation (hereafter TSSF) the organisation of the 6th edition of the Freediving Indoor Open European Championship. The Championship will be staged with the supervision of CMAS in Istanbul, in the Maltepe University Swimming Pool, from 17 to 23 June 2019. The Championship shall be comprised of seven specialities: Dynamic (DYN), Dynamic with Bi-Fins (DYN BF), Dynamic without Fins (DNF), Static (STA), Speed 100 m. Endurance 8x50 m. and Endurance 16x50 m. Only the Final stage will take place for each of the planned specialities. Competition Schedule 19 June Wednesday 09:00-11:00 Dynamic Apnea Without Fins (DNF) 12:30-15:30 Endurance Apnea 16x50m 20 June Thursday 08:30-12:30 Static Apnea (STA) 21 June Friday 08:30-13:00 Dynamic Apnea with Bi-fins (DYN-BF) 14:00-15:30 Speed Apnea 22 June Saturday 08:30-13:00 Dynamic Apnea (DYN) 14:30-16:30 Endurance Apnea 8x50m Coming soon more info: CMAS / TSSF ...