🌎 Exolung: a New Diving System to Breathe Underwater

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Exolung is a new and unique approach to shallow water diving for recreational and utility purposes.

It is also enjoyable to use in the pool for training, or as a form of underwater gymnastics and yoga.

The idea was to create a simple extension to the usual ABC kit (fins, mask, snorkel), being simple, robust and affordable whilst not requiring a lot of maintenance or care, and absolutely no recharge or refill required.

It is lightweight (3,5kg) and compact (40x30x20cm pack size) making it super portable, flexible and functional.

There is a high degree of safety, due to the inflatable dive buoy, which the diver is attached to at all times.

There is no need for diving certification, though a basic knowledge of compressed air diving is required before use. This can be learned by attending a beginner diving course at your local centre.

Extending the legs = Exhalation

​Fresh air is drawn down from the surface, water is displaced from the air bell -optionally connected with a fin kick for propulsion.

Retracting the legs = Inhalation

​Water pressure puts air inside the air bell under ambient water pressure, it can then be inhaled effortlessly.

Would you dare to try it?

Website: https://www.exolung.com/