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Football is a game that transcends generations. If you’re Irish, you’ll likely have played a friendly match with some former team-mates from school in the shed, or on the beach. Perhaps you also remember your granddad speaking about the glory days of the great Celtic wars. Nowadays, the game has moved from the pitch to social media. Thanks to platforms like Twitter and Instagram, fans can keep up with their favourite players 24/7. Social media has made stars out of amateurs, and turned superstars into household names. If you want to know more about Quincy Promes, follow the link. One such superstar is professional footballer Quincy Promes.

The 29-year-old hails from the Netherlands and represented his country at the UEFA Nations League this year. The former PSV and FC Groningen star is also famous for his part in the 2019 Dutch Dress Code Challenge, where he came as “Captain America” and scored a goal. He followed this up by scoring four more goals in the Netherlands Supercup against AFC Club Brugge (3-1). It’s fair to say that Promes’ career has been nothing short of phenomenal.

From Student To Stunning Career Progression

Promes started his professional career at the age of just 16. After making his debut for FC Groningen’s youth team, he mastered the arts of distributing the ball and controlling it with the head (making himself known as “Captain America” for this feeling that his head is always covered in shades of red and white before every game). By the way, if you are betting on sports and want to get a bonus code, go to melbet promo code in Nepal and collect your bonuses. It was around this time that Manager Peter Verhoeven dubbed him “the next Zinedine Zidane”. “What Zidane did for Real Madrid in his time, we’re going to do for FC Groningen,” he predicted.

Though Promes ultimately progressed to the first team, it was a bumpy journey full of bump and bruises. He made just two senior team appearances before being sent down to the second tier of the Netherlands Football League for two loose months. In August 2019, Promes was sacked from Groningen’s first team by Manager Pieter Verheyven due to a lack of performance. Just one month earlier, the former Youth team player had scored a hat-trick in a 5 – 2 win over KNVB – the Dutch Football Association’s Johan Remie Trophy. Despite these good showings, his form had declined in the previous months. In fact, his form had gone so badly that he was dropped from the national team’s training camp in September 2019.

International Debut And Nations League Performance

After a short break to get his fitness back up to standard, Promes returned to the national team in time for two World Cup qualifiers against Argentina in June 2020. Though the former Netherlands Youth team member made an immediate impact in the first match in Buenos Aires (draw 0 – 0), he was subsequently pulled out of the squad due to a crunch in form and the fact that the team had other centers of attraction, most notably Jan Bálor.

Bálor, a player who will face Promes in the Netherlands Nations League this year, is one of the most sought-after youngsters in the Netherlands. The 19 year old is a wonderkid who plays for Holland (the country’s main football div 1). He is a versatile player who can play in any central midfield role and is capable of producing sensational results.  It’s no coincidence that Bálor, a student at Delft University, is named after Holland’s most famous scientist, Willem Einthoven. The University of Delft is named after the same scientist and is known for its electricity-related studies.

Despite this fact, Bálor never gives the puck away easily and always looks to find a way to make an attempt on the opposition’s goal. The talent is clearly here, but Bálor is still a work in progress.  As for the Netherlands Nations League, where Bálor will start at centre midfield, Promes’ second match against South Africa’s Eastern Bruchus Moracco in Pella will be the Dutchman’s first experience of competitive football. The 27 year old East Bruchus Moracco will be playing in the Netherlands Nations League for the first time.

The Future

At the end of the day, and with a smile on his face, Quincy Promes tells Football Here That “It’s not over yet. ” “Though I’d like to retire in Dutch colours, I’m still a national team player and I want to see how far I can go with my country and the fans who follow me.” “I’ll be back in Europe next season for the start of my career in the second tier of the Dutch Football League.”

Last Updated on May 4, 2023