🇵🇱 Magdalena Solich and Mateusz Malina from Poland breaks dynamic apnea world records AIDA in Austria

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Last Sunday, October 13, two new AIDA apnea world records by two freedivers from Poland, held at the Hydro Dynamic 2019 competition in Vienna, Austria.

In the women’s category Magdalena Solich implanted a new world record for dynamic apnea with monofin, when making a distance of 257 meters, surpassing the previous record of the Polish Kalska Agnieszka of 253 meters made in June this year.

In the men’s category Mateusz Malina made a new world record for dynamic apnea with bifins, with a mark of 250 meters, surpassing the 234 meter record made by Croatian Milosic Boris in February this year.

Competition Results

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