Underwater Rugby World Championship CMAS Colombia 2015. Results


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Colombia Underwater Federation organized the 10th World Championship 2015 in Underwater Rugby, from 07-26 to 08-01-2015 in Santiago de Cali, Colombia.

Final Places

Men Women 
1.   Norway 1.  Germany
2.  Germany 2.  Norway
3.  Colombia 3.  Colombia
4.  Sweden 4.  Sweden
5.   Denmark 5.  Finlandia
6.   Venezuela 6.  Denmark
7.   Austria 7.  Australia
8.   Canada 8.  Venezuela
9.   United States 9.  United States
10.  Spain
11.  Australia
12.  South Africa

Teams – Groups

Shedule and Games
(Local Time in Colombia UTC-5)

[fp-matches match=”1-55″]

Official Game Plan

Men Groups

Group A  Group B  Group C Group D
A1  Germany B1  Sweden C1  Denmark D1  Norway
A2  South Africa B2  Austria C2  Spain D2  Colombia
A3  Venezuela B3  United States C3  Canada D3  Australia

Women Groups

Group E Group F 
E1  Sweden F1  Norway
E2  Finland F2  Germany
E3  Colombia F3  Denmark
E4  Australia F4  United Sates
E5  Venezuela

Official Video

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Official Website of the Championship:


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