🇺🇸 Results Second South Florida Apnea Challenge in Miami, USA


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By popular request, Vortex Freediving and Grove Scuba was holding the Second South Florida Apnea Challenge in Miami on August 20-21. This was a friendly local pool competition for Static (STA), Dynamic (DYN), and Dynamic No Fins (DNF). It was an AIDA and USFA sanctioned event for all levels with freedivers from 6 countires and 3 continents: Serbia, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, New Zealand and United States.


Gold: Lena Jovanovic SERBIA
Silver: Priscilla Arce CHILE
Bronze: Claire Paris USA

Gold: Diego Leon Rodriguez COLOMBIA
Silver: Luis Arismendi VENEZUELA
Bronze: Matt Frost NUEVA ZELANDA

Overall Results


Gifts and sponsorships by Prawno Apparel, Born of Water, Oceaner, Waterlust, and Grove Scuba.
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