🇪🇸 CMAS IV European Apnea Championship 2014. Tenerife – Spain


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From 13 to 19 of October, 2014 the CMAS IV – European Apnea Championship, 2014 in Santa Cruz de Tenerife/Tabaiba-Radazul(El Rosario-Tenerife)

Italy European Apnea Champion CMAS 2014

Results Saturday October 18th – Jump Blue Apnea Classifications (finals of sunday october 19th suspended by bad weather)

Best marks:
Male: Andrea Viturini (Italy) 170.08 mts
Female: Alessia Zecchini (Italy) 148.80o mts

Results Friday October 16th – Dynamic Apnea Final

pnea Finals

Two World Records CMAS in dynamic apnea were recorded on Wednesday October 16 at the third day of the European Championship in Tenerife, Spain
Goran Colak from Croatia 288.23
Ilaria Bonin from Italy 244.38

Results Thursday October 16th – Dynamic Apnea Classifications

Best marks:
Male: Alexis Duvivier (France) 242.74 mts
Female: Alessia Zecchini (Italy) 200.oo mts


Results Wednesday October 15th – Static and Speed Apnea – Four World Records

Four World Records CMAS in apnea were recorded on Wednesday October 15 at the start of the European Championship in Tenerife, Spain
Branco Petrovic from Serbia 10:37.47 static male
Gabriela Grezlova from Czech Republic 7:45.24 static female
Stefano Figini from Italy 34.72 in speed male
Federica Bellini from Italy 39.49 in speed female.

Here complete Results from Static and Speed Apnea

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