🇿🇦 Free Webinar: Dive Incidents & Lessons Learnt by DAN Southern Africa

(Sportalsub.net / DAN Southern Africa)

Divers Alert Network in South Africa host free webinar: “Dive Incidents & Lessons Learnt”

Learning from your own mistakes and misfortunes is crucial, but don’t miss the opportunity to learn from others. The webinar will focus on real diving incidents and emergencies and offers an exceptional learning opportunity. Dr Frans Cronje will provide insights into dive incidents and the lessons learnt which will help divers of all experience levels improve their risk management skills and identify safe diving practices.

Guest Speaker: Dr Frans Cronje the founder of DAN Southern Africa, former President and CEO, a medical doctor with a passion for dive medicine.

Date: Thursday 25 february 2021
Hour: 06:00 p. m. in Johannesburgo, South Africa (GTM +2)
Plataform: Zoom Webinar

Source: DAN Southern Africa Facebook

Official Website: https://www.dansa.org/