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LIVE! – Vertical Blue 2018. Freediving International Competition In Bahamas

(Sportalsub.net / Vertical Blue) - Leer en Español Freediving International Competition In Bahamas. July 16 - 26 2018 Dean´s Blue Hole. Long Island, Bahamas. AIDA International Competition Disciplines: Free Inmersion (FIM), Constant Weight (CWT), Constant No Fins (CNF) Official Website: http://2018.verticalblue.net/ Social Links: Facebook: VerticalBlue / Twitter: @vertical_blue / Youtube: VBFreediving / Instagram: vertical_blue   New World Record Apnea Free Inmersion for the Italian Alessia Zecchini in The Vertical Blue 2018 New World Record Apnea Constant Weight AIDA for the Russian Alexey Molchanov in the Vertical Blue 2018 ...