🇪🇸 Finswimming World Cup could return to Barcelona, Spain in 2025

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In the world of finswimming, fans have begun to revive the excitement that the last edition of the World Cup brought, and rightfully so! It is rumored that in 2025, Spain will once again be the epicenter of the competition, hosting the most outstanding finswimmers on the planet in the vibrant city of Barcelona.

A decade ago, the edition held in the Catalan capital marked a milestone in the history of aquatic sports. With a record participation of over 500 athletes, the event captivated swimmers from around the world with its display of talent and passion for finswimming. The impeccable organization and the spectacular setting of the Sant Jordi Swimming Pool, located in the heart of the city, contributed to making that edition a true success.

This year, rumors suggest that the competition will take place at the Barcelona Swimming Club, a historic bastion of aquatic sports in the city. With top-notch facilities and a privileged location, the club promises to offer the perfect stage for another unforgettable chapter in the history of the Finswimming World Cup. Additionally, this new organization of the World Cup would coincide with the tenth anniversary, reaffirming the city of Barcelona as an international, sporty, and cosmopolitan city globally for the organization of high-level sports events.

Although there is still no official confirmation or set date, finswimming enthusiasts are already eager for what the future holds for them in the waters of Barcelona. Get ready to dive into the excitement and adrenaline of the most anticipated international competition in the underwater world!

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Last Updated on May 15, 2024