🏖️ 10 Best Beaches for students in the world

Your mind reminds you beaches for entertainment with the outstretched plains of sand and the peaceful sound of waves. But, experiencing fun is not the case with every beach because of its distinct features. To find out which one is best, check out this article.


It is widely known as Fiji Island, one of the most beautiful beaches globally. It possesses crystal clear eye-catching freshwater, so taking a bath in them is never a problem. As the tourists’ preferred entertainment places among other beautiful beaches, Fiji Island is stretched all along the coast with the plains of sand as smooth as silk. The factor of constant running water averts pollution of any kind, making it an ideal place to visit. Apart from the scenic visual beauty, marine life here gets mesmerized. Every beach here serves the purpose of a remarkable vacation in its unique way. Let’s take the example of Natadola beach. This beach is known for its customers celebrating their romantic honeymoon. The smooth sand makes this place ideal for an evening walk along the beach. The Liku beach management provides their customers with a blazing bonfire, making it the best place for people to roast marshmallows while having a good time. In my opinion, the Blue Lagoon beach is the best in all of them. The factor of deep dark blue water and the vast marine life makes it quite different from others. Because of all these reasons, the island of Fiji is known for their most beautiful beaches in the world for which you owe them a must-visit. However, some of the time, these vacations can cause you hindrance in your academic activities. For instance, your teacher assigning essays to you during your vacation. You can always hire online paper writing services, ensuring a perfect academic record in such a situation.

Bora Bora

The island of Bora Bora is remarkable and known for its beaches. The beaches of Bora Bora comes in the top 10 beaches in the world. To be precise, its beaches are ranked at the third position. The island is an all in one package, meaning that it serves as a family visitation place, a bachelor party vacation, destination wedding and a romantic getaway. The island depicts a romantic vibe for which the major visitors here are newlyweds or people on a destination wedding. One of the best element of the beaches here is that it consists of white coloured sand which is infrequent among beaches, tempting people to uncover the hidden pleasures.


The country of Maldives is scattered with beaches all over making it one of the major tourist attractions. Activities like pumping sand or building a wall to contain the water flow like are common among several beaches in the world. However, you are in luck as the Maldives is the place where no such policies are imposed on its beaches, keeping its essence remain intact. The beach sand here is as fine as flour, and the vegetation is dense along the coastline which makes up pretty a mesmerizing view. The hotels along the beaches of this country provide their customers with high-quality internet services, making it easy for students to complete their college assigned essays during their vacation with the help of Essayzoo.org.


Tahiti Island is the largest in French Polynesia. It also consists of several different beaches. But, something is different in this place—which you might rarely find in your explored journey of beaches so far. The thing that separates Tahiti’s beaches from any other is that it has white and black coloured sand beaches. Yes! You will find both these types of beaches here. Some of these beaches are:

  • Lafayette (black sand)
  • Papenoo (black sand)
  • Bain Lot

The experience you gain on these beaches is blissful. The open skies and the clear sea-green water makes you want to live here for eternity, but then you immediately remember having a college essay due back home. This leads you into an uncomfortable experience throughout your vacation as the tension of due assignments revolves around your head constantly. In such situations, students utilize the help of EssayZoo and complete their assignments then and there immediately to enjoy their vacation stressfree.

U.S. Virgin Islands

They are mostly visited hang-out places in the US. It does not mean that the beaches here are less interesting than the rest in the world. You will find them appealing because of the sea-green water and the white coloured sand attributes making them awesome for spending family vacations, beach parties and bonfires. Some of the best beaches here include:

  • Cinnamon Bay Beach
  • Trunk Bay Beach
  • Salt Pond Beach
  • Honeymoon Bay Beach


The beaches of Maui have a reputation for having the most relaxing beaches of all time. Beach management in Maui is quite resourceful as they develop such an environment for people on the beach according to their will—for example, a bachelorette party, a romantic honeymoon or a family vacation. Some of the best beaches here are:

  • Makena
  • Ka’anapali
  • Baldwin
  • Honolua


I am sure many of you would have heard of Bahamas’ beaches, mainly in the movies. This is the place people fantasize because of its scenic beauty. The lush green water, the clear blue skies and the dense forest along the coastline make this place fascinating especially for youngsters, kids and families who wish to explore change and maximize fun in their leisure time.


Whenever you hear the word Kauai, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? For me, it’s the beaches. It is a known fact that Kauai consists of some very beautiful beaches in the world. The beach bars here serves some of the delicious drinks adding to its fame, but that’s not all. Activities like swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving and surfing make beaches here fascinating.

Railay Beach

The Railay beach resides in a small peninsula. The interesting thing about this beach, which is uncommon is the huge limestone cliffs here standing in the sea. These cliffs comprise of caves with lagoons inside making them quite astonishing.


The beaches of Bali are known for their pristine waters and beach bars. The beaches here are usually used for parties, but families also like to visit these beaches because of the five-star hotels here just footsteps away from the beach. If you are a beachgoer, this place should be on top of your list.

Beaches are one of the wonders Almighty God blessed us, which ought to be visited now and then. Now you even know the best places to visit. So what are you waiting for? Announce the good news to your family and pack your bags for a remarkable journey ahead.

Last Updated on December 29, 2020