🇪🇸 Spain Champion of 29th CMAS Spearfishing World Championship Peru 2014


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Spain Team wins the XXIX edition of CMAS Spearfishing World Championship in Lima, Peru.

Individual Classification (Top Ten):

    1. Xavier Blanco (Spain)
    2. Samuel Tomas (Spain)
    3. Santiago Lopez (Spain)
    4. Concetto Felice (Italy)
    5. Pedro Domiguez (Portugal)
    6. Jody Lot (Portugal)
    7. Daniel Gospic (Croatia)
    8. Andrii Lagutin (Ukraine)
    9. Stjepko Kesic (Croatia)
    10. Radoslav Jakupovic (Croatia)

 Complete Individual Classification

Team Classification:

  1. Spain
  2. Portugal
  3. Croatia
  4. Italy
  5. Chile
  6. Greece
  7. Tahiti
  8. Brasil
  9. Bulgary
  10. Perú
  11. Ukraine
  12. New Zealand
  13. Russia
  14. Turkey
  15. Argentina
  16. USA
  17. Finland
  18. Australia
  19. México
  20. San Marin0
  21. Colombia



Miguel Soto from Chile trophy for  biggest fish:  Parrotfish 4,269 Kgs



The President of the CMAS Spear Fishing Commission, confirms that the XXIX World Championship of Spear Fishing it will be held in Peru. The date programmed it will be from 28th October, through 02nd November 2014.

The central place will the City of Lima (Hotel Atton San Isidro). And the Competition zones would be in areas of Pucusana and Sta Maria, about 40Km south of Lima.

Official Site of World Championship of Spearfishing: http://www.fedepasa.org/mundial/

Antonio Cruz
President of the Spear Fishing Commission

More info: CMAS


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