🌏 5 Rugby Players That Inspired Younger Generations of Players

Some big names have graced Rugby over the years. These names have gone down in rugby folklore and are still inspiring younger generations to this day. Who are these players? In this guide, you can read about the top 5 rugby players of all time. 

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Jonah Lomu 

Jonah Lomu is the rugby GOAT. Recently, he was voted the best rugby union player of all time by fans. The voting was conducted by The Top Tens, and it ultimately concludes that Jonah Lomu is the ultimate fan-favorite. 

At the 1995 Rugby World Cup, Jonah Lomu dominated the tournament and put his name in the history books after demolishing England in the semi-final. 

In 2001, Lomu also ensured that New Zealand (his nation) won the Rugby World Cup Sevens, which was another huge career highlight. 

Without a doubt, rugby wouldn’t have exploded in popularity during the 90s if it wasn’t for this man so Lomu gets a huge amount of respect in the world of rugby, and his name will continue to inspire future generations. 

Johnny Wilkinson 

Johnny Wilkinson is an England rugby legend. He had an illustrious career filled with many amazing moments. 

Of course, the highlight came at the 2003 World Cup final, where Wilkinson kicked a last-minute drop goal to win the trophy. 

On top of this, he won a Champions Cup and Six Nations, which further helped to solidify him as the greatest ever to play the sport of rugby. 

Dan Carter 

Dan Carter holds the record for the most points scored in rugby history. This alone is enough for him to make the top 5 list — but there’s so much more to Dan Carter’s game. 

Arguably the best half-fly ever, Dan Carter played for the Crusaders and the New Zealand national team. Incredibly, in every match where Carter scored a try, New Zealand won the game, which is an incredible stat and testament to the power and influence that Carter had out on the field. 

Richie McCaw 

Some rugby fans go as far as to rank Richie McCaw as the best ever. Known for his incredible leadership qualities, McCaw always gave it his all when playing for the All Blacks. Naturally, this is why he managed to win 2 World Cups during his lengthy career before eventually retiring in 2015. 

Gareth Edwards

Gareth Edwards is the greatest Welsh rugby player of all time. In total, he won 53 caps for Wales and was the captain for them in 13 of these games. 

The running, passing, and kicking ability of Edwards would still hold up in today’s game, with many people claiming that a modern-day Edwards would easily walk into any Rugby League team. 

Last Updated on July 15, 2023