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After two tournaments (the Trans Tasmanian Cup in September and the Pan Pacific Cup in April) and three training camps (Hobart last November, Sydney last February and Brisbane last weekend), the Australian UWR National Team has been selected. 12 girls will be representing Australia in the female category and 15 guys in the male category. Good luck and let’s hope for lots of fun for these players in this new UW adventure.

Aus F

Female team:

4. Nicola Maher (C), UWR UNSW
7. Charlotte Jordans, Adelaide UWR
8. Sophie Lamandé, Victoria Seadragons
1. Celine Steinfeld, UWR UNSW

5. Nathalie Hartman, Victoria Seadragons
12. Tenielle Freeman, Unidive Gauls
10. Brianna Conrad, UWR UNSW
2. Julie Vercelloni, Unidive Gauls

3. Hannah Barrenger, Unidive Gauls
11. Katelyn TenBensel, UWR Tasmania
13. Ena Ng, Victoria Seadragons
9. Catalina Aguilar, UWR QLD


Male Team:

11. Bobby Chen, UWR Canberra
2. Oliver Barrand (C), UWR UNSW
31. Gonzalo Serna, UWR UNSW
Juan Diego Ortiz, Unidive Gauls
77. Ricardo Iriarte, Unidive Gauls

23. Mark Ritchie, Unidive Gauls
8. Justin Rees, Unidive Gauls
7. Carlos Lasso, UWR UNSW
Juan Manuel Castaño, Unidive Gauls
10. Gwenael Cadiou, UWR UNSW

33. Scott Philip, UWR UNSW
88. Steve Kilpatrick, UWR Tasmania
61. Douglas Stetner, Unidive Gauls
69. Brett Blandford, UWR Tasmania
9. Louis Hoskinson, UWR Canberra

12. Benton Thistlethwait, Unidive Gauls
Ben Gregory, UWR UNSW

Coach: Ricardo Iriarte
Team Managers: Lorena Peña, Sebastien Robin

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