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19th CMAS Finswimming World Championship
22nd – 28th Jun 2016. Volos, Greece

Countries that come in Volos for this great event are:

Austria, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, Chinese Taipei, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Korea, Lithuania, Morocco, Netherlands, Peru, Poland, Russia , Slovakia, Tunisia, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine, Vietnam, Mexico and GREECE


Day 1 – Friday June 24th: 100 SF, 100 BF, 400 SF
Day 2 – Saturday June 25th: 100 IM, 1500 SF, 200 BF, 200 SF
Day 3 – Sunday June 26th: 50 SF, 50 BF, 400 IM, 4X200 SF
Day 4 – Monday June 27th: 50 AP, 800 SF, 4X100 SF
Day  5 – Tuesday June 28th: 4×200 SF, 6000 SF

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End for the pool sports of the 19th CMAS World Senior Finswimming Championship held in Volos (Greece), with great performances on the last day of the championship.

Russia gathered the most gold medals (9) as well as in total (18), 2 silver and 7 bronze, followed by China (14) and Korea (12).

The World Records have reached the 22 in total plus one time which was equal to the World Record.

During the morning session, in the preliminary relay race of 4x100m SF Men POSCHART Max who started the race for Germany, achieved the time 34.14. A record which was broken with the same way by KARETZOPOULOS Loukas from Greece with the time 33.34.

In the evening finals, Russia crashed the previous World Record by achieving the time 2.34.54,  and LEE Kwanho from Korea achieved a time equal to the World Record ( 13.85) in 50m AP.


PHOTO Zacharakis.a

Eight new World Records in Volos in Finals of the 3st day.


World Records in Finals of Day 3
SENANSZKY Petra from Hungary in 50m BF 20.98, YANG Ye Sol (KOR) in 50m SF Women 16.94, FERNANDEZ Mauricio (COL) in 50m SF Men 15.00, ABRUZOV Andrey (RUS) in 50m BF Men in Heats 18.41, Sia Jia Chen (CHN) in 400 IM Women 2:56.87, Cheng Chi (CHN) in 400 IM Men 2:40.40, Russian Women Team in 4×200 SF 5:57.07 and Juan Fernando Ocampo (COL) first swimmer in Relay 4×200 SF Men 1:18.65


PHOTO by Zacharakis.a


Day 2 – Morning Session
Four new world records were achieved in the morning session of the 2nd day of the CMAS Finswimming World Championship held in Volos.

Firstly, FERNANDEZ CASTILLIO Mauricio from Colombia and KIM Tae Kyun from Korea with the time 31.50 ( previous record 31.52) and then LEE Kwanho from Korea with the time 31.24.

The last World Record of today’s preliminary races was achieved by JUAN FERNANDO Ocampo Lozada from Colombia at the race of 200m SF with the time 1.19.12.

Day 2 – Evening Session
New World Records and high performances were the characteristics in the evening session of finals on the 2nd day of the 19th CMAS World Senior Finswimming Championship which takes place in Volos (Greece) with great success.

Especially, at the race of 100m IM (as happened in the morning session) two athletes achieved the new World Record with the same time! KIM Tae Kyun from Korea and FERNANDEZ CASTILLIO Mauricio from Colombia (as in the preliminary) achieved the new World Record with the time 31.34.

SENANSZKY Petra from Hungary was once more the person of the day as she achieved her third World Record in the championship, this time at 200m BF with the time 1.41.42.

A new World Record was also achieved by KOSINA Gergo from Hungary as well, at the same race (200m BF) with the time 1.33.31.

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With two new World records started the 19th CMAS Finswimming World Senior Championship in Volos.

The first record was held by Petra Senanszky from Hungary at 100m Bf Women. Firstly, in the morning semi-finals with the time 46.43 (46.65 the previous record) and in the evening Finals with the time 45.69.

A new world record was also held by Dmitry Seryakov from Russia at 100m Bf Men with the time 41.44 (42.31 the previous record).

Petra Senanszky:I’m very happy because of the gold medal. I had a better time at the Championship of Hungary, but, anyway, it is a World Record and this is fantastic. I hope I take a new gold medal at 200m Bf.”

PRESS OFFICE / PHOTOS by Zacharakis.a


Medals Table Overall


Rnk. Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 RUS 9 2 7 18
2 CHN 6 6 2 14
3 KOR 5 4 3 12
4 HUN 4 2 2 8
5 COL 3 1 1 5
6 GRE 1 2 3 6
7 GER 1 1 1 3
8 UKR 0 6 4 10
9 ITA 0 1 4 5
10 FRA 0 1 1 2
11 CRO 0 1 0 1
12 POL 0 0 1 1

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