🌍 How Wearing Elbow Compressions Sleeves Help Prevent Injuries in Underwater Sports

Compression sleeves do what their name suggests: apply pressure to a particular part of the body. Different variants of these sleeves allow you to use constant and gentle stress on areas like your elbows. 

The pressure provided by elbow compression sleeves offers numerous benefits to its wearer. For instance, it can help increase blood flow to that area to stimulate muscle recovery. But, elbow compression sleeves can also help prevent injuries. Read on to know four ways these sleeves can help reduce the risks of injuries. 

Increase Blood Circulation

Wearing quality elbow compression sleeves promotes improved blood circulation in that area. The gentle pressure enhances blood flow to help reduce and prevent inflammation tissue inflammation and swelling.  

Take note that inflammation is a process for the body to heal after an injury. But, doing specific exercises might cause inflammation to aggravate, thereby creating additional discomfort and pain. Chronic inflammation can be a symptom of other underlying illnesses like diabetes and heart disease. 

Reduce the risk of acquiring or aggravating inflammation disorders with the help of elbow compression sleeves. Make sure to procure these sleeves from a reliable source to ensure blood flow circulates in your elbow correctly. Be mindful as low-quality compression gear might cause more harm than good. 

Reduces Abrasions

Some sports activities might make you brush your skin against other players. For example, imagine yourself playing hockey. You will wear special protective gear during the sports event to help minimize the risk of injuries during the match. 

But, you can never be too careful when you’re playing with other players on the ice. The elbow padding might come loose as you stumble on the cold and rough surface. The fall can lead to abrasions, which can reduce your playing performance. 

Little bumps and scratches might seem like they’re not a big deal. But, disregarding these seemingly small wounds may lead to additional health concerns. 

Use elbow compression sleeves under your hockey gear to double the protective layers, thereby safeguarding your skin from abrasions and other injuries. Wear high-quality compression sleeves to maintain the flexibility of movement while doing physical activities while protecting your muscles and skin correctly. 

Prevents Unnecessary Tension

Aside from sports activities, you should also wear elbow compression sleeves when you’re going to the gym. Lifting heavy weights can put unwanted tension on the tendons. 

Now, you can be as optimistic about your weightlifting skills as possible. But, don’t fall into the temptation that you can lift heavier weights when your arms are about to give out. You can gauge your weightlifting skill level with the help of an elbow compression sleeve. 

As mentioned above, elbow compression sleeves help maintain and improve the flexibility in your arms. These sleeves also help prevent muscle soreness and hasten muscle recovery speeds so you can do more weightlifting within a short period. 

But, perhaps most importantly, compression sleeves prevent your tendons from popping. Without these sleeves, you might put yourself at risk of acquiring issues like tennis elbow. Despite its name, tennis elbow is a condition when you overload your elbows caused by repetitive motions.  

When you have tennis elbow, you’ll find out that it becomes more challenging than usual to lift weights at the gym. Reduce the risks of this issue from happening if you wear elbow compression sleeves. 

Maintain Body Temperature

People must maintain a regular exercise routine to prevent health issues from surfacing. But you might want to go to the gym or run around the park. However, the cold weather may prevent you from acquiring warm body temperatures. 

Working out in a cold environment, when playing sports like underwater hockey or underwater rugby, can help contract the muscles to enhance muscle-building. But, frigid temperatures might become detrimental to your exercise. For instance, an excellent running form requires you to swing your arms. Swinging your arms helps you to run at optimum efficiency. 

However, the cold temperatures can make your arms and elbows stiff. Maintain warm temperatures in these areas by wearing quality compression sleeves. 

The sleeves help ensure that proper blood flow is in your arms and elbows. Adequate blood circulation keeps these areas of the body warm to assist you in maintaining good exercise form. 


Don’t wear elbow compression sleeves only when you need them. Wear high-quality compression gear to ensure you don’t get injuries from the beginning. Pick sleeves made with quality materials to ensure you can maintain flexibility and heat in your elbows. The right compression sleeves can also help reduce the risks of abrasions, unwanted tensions, and muscle soreness and stiffness.

Last Updated on April 4, 2020