🇨🇴 First Meeting of Spearfishing CMAS Zone America. Colombia 2020

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The World Underwater Federation CMAS and CMAS Zone America delegated to the Colombian Federation of Underwater Activities FEDECAS. Convene all spearfishing club of countries federations are affiliated to CMAS and CMAS Zone America, to participate in the “First Meeting CMAS ZONE America spearfishing” to be held from the 25 to the 29 March 2020 in the Pacific south Colombian coast Juanchaco municipality of Buenaventura and Ladrilleros Department of the Cauca Valley.

The organization of the meeting will be in charge of the Colombian Federation of Underwater Activities “FEDECAS” the National Technical Commission of Tire and Underwater Spearfishing and Underwater Activities Club Deportivo Trydente.

Official Invitation (in spanish)

Source: CMAS Zona América