🇻🇪 Learn Freediving with the Venezuelan Carlos Coste in Bonaire

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The renowned freediver, instructor, multiple record holder and freediving world champion, the Venezuelan Carlos Coste presents his new series of videos “Freediving Tips” on the YouTube channel of his school Deepsea Bonaire.

Through these videos, Carlos invites you to learn more about freediving and the techniques that will help you improve your performance in this underwater sport.

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Hi everyone! From now on we will be publishing fundamental tips to everyone interested in Freediving

Video 1: How to perform a Duck Dive?.

In this video we show you how to perform a duck dive which is essentially the initial step to perform a good dive. We have broken it down in four steps!

1) Breath and Pre-equalise
2) Kick one cycle forward + Stretch your arms
3)Push torso to form a 90 degree angle
4) Stretch Your legs + push down with arm stroke + prepare for first equalisation

That’s it! Watch the video multiple times and put it to practice.
If you have any questions or difficulties you can always leave us a comment.
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