🇮🇹 Two New CMAS Freediving World Records in Italian Championship of Constant Weight and Jump Blue 2014


(Sportalsub.net / FIPSAS)

Two new freediving world records of World Underwater Federation (CMAS) were performed in the Italian Championship of constant weight and jump blue FIPSAS 2014 held from october 1st to 5th in Ischia Ponte.

Italian Alessia Zecchini, achieved the new women’s world record of constant weight with fins with a mark of -86 meters deep,  while that Michele Tomasi from Italy too, won the men’s world record of constant weight without fins with a immersion of -71 meters deep, achieving new national records for his country and also beating the previous world record certified by CMAS

In the italian championship were perfomed freediving jump blue and constant weight (with bifins, with monofin and without fins)

Review and results of the Championship at the official website of the Italian Federation of Sport Fishing and Underwater Activities FIPSAS


Last Updated on January 14, 2020