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The Murena rubber bi-fins, designed by multiple Finswimming World Champion Denes Kanyo from Hungary, are an excellent choice for practice, training and competitions in underwater activities.

Its creator explains the advantages and various uses that can be given to this excellent sports equipment.

Characteristics and Description

The shape, size, material and flexibility of the Murena rubber fin have been developed with the help of decades of experience, taking into account the anatomy of the human body. The objective is to achieve the perfect harmony in the biomechanics of the different styles such as the dolphin kick swim and the crawl style by alternating the movements of the arms and legs.

This goal has been optimal flexibility, fully achieved with rubber, which adapts to the flexion of the ankle and the frequency and amplitude of the kicks. The masters of rubber molding at our manufacturing company have created the perfect match for Murena fins. Provides maximum durability and performance without compromise.

The shape of the fin, its edges and design provide stability and unique hydrodynamic characteristics.
The shape of the foot portion of the fin provides the perfect ankle position on the dolphin kick and crawl kick. Those with good ankle flexibility will immediately feel the perfect technique. Those with a little more stiffness will basically feel the flexibility in the kick progressively increase as they use it.

The Murena fin is available in 3 colors and four sizes:
Size 1 (32-35)
Size 2 (36-39)
Size 3 (40-43)
Size 4 (44-47)

The flexibility of the fins has two degrees. Grade 1: fins easier to use, the fins with the Murena logo should be placed at the top, while in Grade 2: they are more difficult to use, here the Murena logo should go at the bottom.

In Grade 1 the fins are more easily pushed down, so the upward movement requires a bit more force. This grade is recommended for those whose ankles are slightly stiffer or those who are prone to foot cramps. However, if we want to achieve real performance, Grade 2 should be used, as due to the anatomy of the human body, it can be propelled down much stronger, while the fin helps the return in the upward movement.


Fin parts and placement according to degree of flexibility

1. Rubber strap of the fin
2. Foot part
3. Blade of the fin

I. Placement in Grade 1 (Murena logo facing up)
II. Placement in Grade 2 (Murena logo facing down)


Additional Manufacturer Comments (Denes Kanyo)

The best swimmers with fins from Hungary and other countries such as Singapore and Austria use these fins, I have swam 50 meters apnea in 17.5 with the Murena bi-fins, they are fast and comfortable and we have verified that we can swim up to 1.5 seconds faster per every 100 meters, compared to other similar makes and models.

We offer one-year satisfaction guarantee, if someone buys them and they don’t like it, we will refund your money.

Bi-fins are recommended and used for apnea training or swimming with fins and are allowed in national and international fin swimming competitions, the World Confederation of Underwater Activities (CMAS) has granted international certification and approval for bi-fin competitions, in February 2014.

They are also highly recommended for sports such as Underwater Hockey and Underwater Rugby.

Orka Ronilackiklub (Serbia)

Bialetas Murena Fin CMAS Homologation

Danil Kolodyazhny (Ukraine) World Champion in 2018

More info and Orders: www.murenafin.com

Miguel Cedeño, Director de Sportsub & Sportalsub, training and competition with MurenaFin


Last Updated on November 5, 2023