🌍 SSI offers a free digital Science of Diving program

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Scuba Schools International (SSI) are offering a free digital Science of Diving program so you can keep dive training during this period wherever you are in the world!

During these turbulent and challenging times, changes are occurring daily. Currently, it is hard to predict how long the Coronavirus is going to impact our world or when our lives will return to normal. Since we are ALL in this together, be assured that we have you covered to make the most of the current situation!

We miss diving as much as you do, so let us continue training and focus on the things we love while staying at home. No water, no problem – You have always wanted to dig a little deeper into the academics, but maybe never got the chance. Well, this is for you.

Join a Science of Diving program FREE*!

  • Learn in-depth information about diving physics, physiology, environment and equipment
  • Develop a complete understanding of the underwater world and its effect on the human body
  • Acquire the knowledge needed to begin your Professional career

Click on the link to get started!

* SSI only offers the Science of Diving Digital Kit and Certification free of charge, not the complete course. SSI recommends to contact an SSI Training Center for training (potentially at additional charge) and certification.

Last Updated on July 4, 2020