🌏 Top 7 Beach Sports In The World

If you like to visit the beach, most likely, you have some beach sports that you like to watch or take part in. This is because the beach is so attractive to visit that you can’t help but join in the fun. Beach sports are usually played on the sand, which makes it more challenging to run or toss a ball. There are also some beach sports that are played on or under the waves.

Aside from being a fun way to spend time at the beach, regularly playing beach sports with friends and family can help improve your bone density and even improve your mental health by allowing you to relax and partake in something enjoyable. Beach sports are also very beneficial for people who suffer from arthritis because playing in the water can soothe their joints without exacerbating any of their symptoms.

If you decide to visit the beach soon, here’s a list of some of the most popular beach sports that you can take part in:

  1. Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

If you aren’t afraid of diving beneath the waves the next time you hit the beach, scuba diving and snorkeling could be the sports for you. Scuba diving is best done in deeper water while snorkeling can be enjoyed as you float lazily over a live coral reef.

Nature lovers do enjoy scuba diving and snorkeling as it allows them to watch the fish and other sea life drift by. Be sure to have a beach towel handy when you leave the water so that you can hang around the beach some more.

Scuba diving and snorkeling can provide a wealth of health benefits, such as increasing your heart rate and improving your mood. This beach sport can also become your ticket to meet new friends, especially if you plan to scuba dive and snorkel in different parts of the world.

  1. Surfing

The media has a lot to do with making surfing a popular pastime for tourists and locals alike. It’s partly a spectator sport and partly one that you need to try at least once, just to see what it’s all about.

If you’ve never surfed before, you should spend some time watching the experts demonstrate the basic moves. You might also find some experienced surfers giving lessons to beginners as well. If you don’t own your own board yet, try to ask if they’ll rent a surfboard to you so you can take your turn riding the waves.

Aside from working with a professional, you’ll also learn how to surf when you choose a beginner-friendly surf spot, observe the water, and use a bigger surfboard first.

  1. Beach Volleyball

Volleyball is one sport that both men and women can excel in. But what makes beach volleyball slightly challenging is that the sand absorbs the force from your legs so it’s harder to jump up and spike the ball over the net. It can also be hotter since the game is played under direct sun.

The sand itself may be too hot to put your bare feet on so you need beach slippers for this. And, don’t forget to put on a generous amount of sunblock on your face, arms, legs, and torso, especially if you intend to play beach volleyball for hours.

This will ensure that you won’t suffer from sunburn and even skin cancer from the harsh ultraviolet rays.

You can also prepare better for a game of beach volleyball by getting used to moving around in the sand, and investing in the right equipment (a hat and sunglasses can significantly improve your performance in the game. Bringing a ball wherever you go and playing with it can also help you play better during the actual game.

  1. Kite Boarding

This sport is remarkably similar to surfing in that you’ll need to balance yourself on a water board to make it work. You’ll be attached to a kite, which functions as a sail so that you’ll be propelled at a very fast clip over the water.

If you’re nervous about trying out kite boarding for the first time, try to check if there are experienced kite boarders on the beach who are willing to teach you the basics. You can probably rent a kite board from the kite boarding teachers as well.

When you get too tired, you can always get your Leus Towels and sit on the beach to watch other kite boarders fly over the water.

Unlike other types of beach sports, kite boarding allows you to improve your balance. This beach sport can also tone your body, especially your abdomen, arms, and upper area.

  1. Beach Soccer

If you know or play soccer, then you might be interested in playing beach soccer, too. The rules for beach soccer are like those of regular soccer, except that it’s harder to run on the sand and pass the ball to your teammates. Sometimes, the ball may fly wildly off into the surf so it may be more difficult to kick it back into play on the beach.

Still, it’s worth trying out even once so that you know if this is the game for you.

You can learn how to play beach soccer by asking an experienced player to teach you or simply by watching videos of beach soccer online. As long as you know how traditional soccer is played, you won’t have any problems playing beach soccer. Checking out sports-related websites, such as Womens Sport Daily, can also let you become familiar with the rules of soccer.

  1. Flying Frisbees

It doesn’t occur to everyone to mention frisbees, but this still does count as a great beach sport. One reason it’s so popular is that all you need to play the game is a frisbee.

The game only requires a minimum of two players to start. If more than two want to play at the same time, you can always divide your group into teams. The game of frisbee simply requires you to throw the frisbee spinning like a saucer towards the other player. The other player must catch it in mid-air and then spin it through the air towards you.

Even with such simple rules, frisbee can really burn calories so don’t be surprised if you get really hungry and tired after just one game. Because frisbee is a game played between teams, participating in this sport can also become your ticket to expand your social circle and meet new friends.

  1. Beach Wrestling

There aren’t that many rules to govern beach wrestling, aside from the fact that the wrestlers aren’t allowed to make any moves once they hit the sand. Generally, the wrestlers are only allowed to wrestle with each other if they’re both standing up.

To play this game, organizers will demarcate a circle on the sand, measuring around 23 feet.  The wrestlers have to stay within the circle for the entire 3-minute match to stay in contention. Points are awarded to a wrestler if the opposing wrestler is pinned to the sand, is pushed out of the circle, or lands on their back on the sand. The wrestler with the most points wins.

Final Takeaway

Going to the beach can be fun in itself, especially if you get to go swimming in the surf. But, if you and your group want to have more fun, you can always try out the sports listed above. Just be sure to slather on a lot of sunblock on your skin so that you won’t get sunburnt as you go through each activity.

Be sure to designate someone as the group photographer or videographer so that you and your friends will be able to relive the fun when you go over the photos and videos back home.

Last Updated on January 28, 2021