🇩🇪 What Equipment to Choose for Diving

Diving is popular worldwide. If you are fond of this sport, you can find slots on this topic in the online casino in Deutschland or watch regular championships. But if you’re ready for extreme, try diving yourself. In this case, you must buy this equipment first.


The mainstay of a diver’s outfit is the wetsuit. It is a tight outfit that can be seen in any dive video or movie. The tightest fit to the body provides maximum heat retention.

Wetsuits are made of neoprene. In general, they are divided into two types: “dry” and “wet”. The names speak for themselves – one type allows moisture, the other doesn’t.

A Buoyancy Compensator

Its quality is in some way more important than the quality of the wetsuit. A buoyancy compensator is essentially a life jacket that allows you to float from deep water or stay underwater.

The compensator works by filling or deflating the air coming from the additional cylinder. Accordingly, if it has air, a diver goes up, to dive all the air must be stratified.

Modern models of compensators are of three types, such as vest, wing, and half-wing. The last type is the most expensive.


The regulator is what the diver breathes with. It is best to choose it individually, by size and shape, so that there was not even the slightest sign of discomfort. If we talk about functionality, the regulator “equalizes” the pressure of the cylinder and delivers air directly into the diver’s mouth.

They are divided into several types, depending on the water temperature where you plan to dive. The most expensive regulators are made with water filters and designed for cold water.

Weight Belt

It’s required only if you are going to dive on your own. The weight belt serves as a kind of insurance if you need to get to the surface urgently by dropping the ballast.


Gloves protect your hands from low temperatures and environment, which is not always friendly underwater. They are made of neoprene. The most popular models are three-millimeter gloves of “tropical” format.


Helmets for diving are responsible for keeping warm. They are more like motorcycle helmets, tightly fitting to the head, neck and part of the face. Helmets for diving are made of neoprene – just like a wetsuit. Most often the helmet is of the “dry” type, so that the hair remains at rest and does not create discomfort. In addition, “wet” type helmets are not suitable for deep diving.

If there is no hood, then in professional stores sell special helmets, but even here, experienced divers advise in their own way. And the essence of this advice is that even the most expensive “special” helmet does not provide divers as it does the most common swimming cap.

Another advantage of the cap is that it does not restrict the diver’s head rotation in any way. If the hood can cause insufficient visibility, the “independent” helmet does not allow this to happen.


Mask is one of the essential attributes of the diver. It protects the eyes and part of the face and closes the nose from the water. Modern models are made of durable plastic and silicone.


Last Updated on May 11, 2021