🔍 5 Easy Ways to Improve SEO for your UnderWater Sports Club’s Website

In this day and age, being on the top of the first page of a search engine is like plastering yourself on every billboard in New York City, or being on every radio station at 9am when peak traffic occurs. When looking at online 93% of online experiences begin on a search engine. In these online experiences, 75% of users do not scroll past the first page when looking for what they searched. With any youth club or membership organisation, the importance of getting your ‘name’ out there and becoming public knowledge is insurmountable. The five easy ways to improve search engine optimization for your underwater sports club, detailed below, will allow you to get a leg up on the competition; and plaster yourself all over the online ‘billboard’ that is the top of the search engines.


1: Keyword Research Keywords are extremely important when crafting your website and keeping it current and up to date. Maisie Williams, a marketing blogger at Write My X and Britstudent noted that, “Though unique content is important, generic but pointed key words will popularise your website and gain traction through their likelihood of appearing in multiple online searches.” To start, take the most common and important words to your subject content and area of work; and use them on your homepage and in key documents. This will ensure that you appear on as many relevant searches as possible.  

2: Constantly Create Content – The key to staying on first pages and at the forefront of the global search page is to stay relevant! Fresh ideas and a weekly refresh of content, as well as constantly changing and moving design will keep your website fresh. A constant refresh of your website and its content will mean that it remains relevant and popular in online searches. If your website becomes dull and irrelevant, it will drop in search relevance; and your likelihood of appearing at the top of online search results. 

3: Link, Link, Link! – Linking websites and hyperlinks are also crucial when ensuring search engine optimisation. It is important to link your content, company, and website with other similar and contributing websites. If possible, get into contact with businesses who relate to yours that you intend to reference or hyperlink into your own website. Eric Freeda, a business writer at 1Day2Write and Originwritings, noted that “Developing a relationship with similar and linked businesses and proposing a working relationship will benefit the both of you. Often, they will link you in their website to reciprocate, and the working relationship will benefit you in the long run, while also increasing your positive search engine optimisation.”

4: Keep Up To Date – Keeping your website content and overall business activities up to date and relevant to the times is crucial in maintain search engine optimisation. You are never going to find an out of date or ‘expired’ point of view or an irrelevant news story at the top of a search engine’s results, are you? Updating your information to maintain relevance is crucial to maintaining search engine optimisation.   

5: Streamline & Simplify: As important as content and keywords may be, an overcrowded and complicated website will never be at the top of search results on any search engine. Georgia Sparks, a marketing blogger at writemyx.com and britstudent.com noted that, “People like to see the content that they want in a simple and easy way, and for the access to and navigation of that content to not be convoluted. Streamlining and simplify your website to make it easy access will allow viewers a more enjoyable experience, and in turn optimise your likelihood of being at the top of relevant search results.”

When managing and looking to improve your business’ search engine optimization, there is no going wrong with these five simple steps. As always, content is key. Streamlining that content and keeping it up to date will help you out and linking your website with other similar and connected webpages will allow you to build a network. 

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021