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The 2015 edition of the AA instructor course taught in Spanish has just ended (5-11 October, 2015, Tenerife, Spain – Organisation: Apnea Academy West Europe)

The 24 attendees (22 men, 2 women) from Spain, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, went through the well known AA learning program for instructors encompassing safety, breathing, relaxation, equalization, mental & physical training and, last but not the least, the teaching methodologies.

Final day of Apnea instructors course Sharm El Sheikh. Mass dive. Picture by Adam Butler. http://www.BigSplashPictures.com http://www.butlersweb.com adam@BigSplashpictures.com Pictures copyright and cannot be used withougt express permission from copyright holder in any form.

At the end of the course AA International have 16 brand new instructors:
Ivan Agniel  SPA
William Bailon SPA
Pablo Marrera MEX
Enrique Bilbao SPA
Enrico Callura ITA
Juan de la Cámara SPA
Víctor Esteve ARG
Mauricio Laporta SPA
Antonio Méndez MEX
Gerardo Navarro SPA
Igancio Peral SPA
Sacha Porte SPA
Raúl Pou SPA
Héctor Ripolles SPA
Antonio Rodríguez SPA
Francesc Villasevil SPA

Apnea Academy Instructor Course Staff: Raúl Arenas, Lorenzo Barsotti, Luca Cleri, Giampiero Genovese, Santi Lopez, Javier Muriel, Francesco Sena, Elyoenai Aparicio Suárez, Paco Gonzales Castro, Umberto Pelizzari.


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