🇪🇬 Golden Final CMAS Finswimming World Cup 2015. Egypt – Final Results


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The Egyptian Diving and Lifesaving Federation (EDLF) with the CMAS Authorization organize the golden final of CMAS Finswimming World Cup 2015 El Cairo (Pool) – Alexandria (Open Water) from 07 – 12 Oct. 2015.

Photo: WorldCupGoldenFinal2015

Pool – Thursday October 8th
1° Session: 50AP, 800SF – Results
2° Session: 200SF, 50BF, 100 IM – Results

Pool – Friday October 9th
3° Session: 100SF, 100BF, 400SF – Results
4° Session: 50SF, 200BF, 4X100SF – Results

Open Water –  Sunday October 11th
4KM SF – Results

More info: CMASEDLF Facebook – CMAS World Cup



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