🌍 Benefits of Playing Sports

Sports have become our most important form of entertainment. If it’s not football, cricket, basketball, rugby, cycling, or baseball, you’ll always find something else to interest you and occupy your weekends. Whereas most of us enjoy watching from the stands and terraces, a few participate in them, providing great enjoyment. Playing lifetime sports such as golf, skiing, acting, badminton or underwater sports (freediving, finswimming, underwater rugby, underwater hockey) is even more beneficial for all ages. In this post, I discuss some of the benefits of sports, as highlighted by various reputable studies.

What are the benefits of playing sports? A focus on its mental benefits for teenagers

The mental benefits of sports to teenagers cannot be overemphasized. Studies by reputable organizations and researchers have found a positive relationship between sports and teenagers’ mental health and well-being across races, gender, religion, and social backgrounds. Some of the benefits include:

  1. Improves mood
  2. Create diverse social connections
  3. Improves your concentration
  4. Improves sleep
  5. Reduces stress and depression
  6. Boosts your self-confidence.

Improves mood

While most “mood swing” cases can be categorized as normal and healthy, some are signs of psychiatric illnesses. Young people are prone to having rapidly and intensely fluctuating emotions, which others describe as a “roller coaster.” The feelings can shift from happiness and contentment to irritability, anger, stress, anxiety, and depression in minutes, moving from a simple inconvenience to a significant health risk. The causes of mood swings are not always recognizable. However, sports, especially those involving intense physical activities, have been established to stabilize and improve teenagers’ moods. Simple exercises like walking, jogging, and aerobics trigger the brain to release chemicals that make you happier and more relaxed, improving your mood. Stable moods can keep us from many unnecessary conflicts and help us build stronger relationships with others. By actively participating in sports, you can save yourself from unnecessary apologies made after outbursts.    

Diverse social connections

Humans are social beings who thrive on positive interactions and socializing. Playing sports opens innumerable opportunities for you to meet people from diverse backgrounds to interact and make friends with. You’ve heard it said that your network is your net worth. Having good and reliable friends provides a sense of security and fulfillment that keeps you at peace, minimizing the chances of stress and anxiety. I am confident that you’ve at least made a friend at the playground as a kid. As a teenager, making friends is even more critical because friendships made at this stage are often lifelong. To make it better, you’re meeting people with whom you share an enthusiasm for sports, which could strengthen your bond further.  

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Improves your concentration

Have trouble focusing? Well, most of us have. But what happens when you’re so distracted that you can’t work, read, or complete your assignments? What happens when you’re falling behind in school because you’re often absent-minded when your teachers teach? Most times, a lapse in concentration does not need medical intervention but some level of physical activity. It has been established that physical activity sharpens our mental acuity, improving our overall cognitive performance. Regular exercise makes your brain think faster, better, and more logically. More specifically, mixed exercises have been found more beneficial to our mental health. Most importantly, studies have determined that the benefits gained from exercising during adolescence last as people age.    

Improves sleep

Over 80 different types of sleep disorders affect 30-48% of Americans. The global prevalence stands at 10-30%. Insomnia affects a significant proportion of the global population. However, most of the affected are adults and seniors. Yet, a growing number of children have insomnia. Sports studies have shown that moderate exercises in the evening improve the quality of sleep. It makes a person fall asleep much more quickly and sleep more deeply. Late exercises increase blood flow to the brain, enriching brain cells with oxygen, relaxing, and enabling a person to drift into sleep. Physical activity also makes you tired, forcing the body to shut down as soon as you get into bed. Watch out not to overdo it, though. Over-exercising reverses the benefits of playing sports.      

Reduces stress and depression

Many students struggle with mental health issues such as stress, anxiety, ADHD, and depression. Cases of suicide, self-harm and other antisocial behaviors have spiked because of deteriorating mental health among high school students. Even though there’s no direct path to solving the problems, researchers agree that sports can help mild cases. Sports can distract troubled teens, reducing their time dwelling on negative thoughts. Furthermore, physical exercises suppress stress hormones in the body while encouraging the release of endorphins which relieve pain, improve mood, and reduce stress. As natural mood lifters, endorphins help fight depression and stress, improving kids’ mental health. Remember to seek help or to contact a doctor if your mental health doesn’t improve. Physical activity cannot substitute mental health treatment in any way.    

Boosts your self-confidence

Nothing makes you feel ready to face the world like self-confidence. Unfortunately, we sometimes experience or encounter things in our lives that strip us of our self-confidence, leaving us naked and vulnerable. Without confidence, we’re likely to recoil and fail to take the initiative. But when we do and fail, we’re unlikely to try again. Whether in school or at home, we’re always encouraged to be confident if we dream of conquering the world. Sports are confidence boosters. The longer and harder you play, your stamina, self-image, and skills develop, making you a complete person. The sense of mastery and control gained from each win or achievement gives you renewed vigor and energy, boosting your self-confidence. Engaging in multiple sports can double or triple the benefits. Let’s not forget having a well-toned or ripped body, which some people find quite attractive. Getting in shape for summer is not just a meaningless phrase. Some people go to great lengths to appear lean or built for the summer. Sports give you the right shape and weight for summer and throughout the year.