🇭🇳 7th International Freediving Annual Competition Caribbean Cup 2019 – Roatan, Honduras

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The Caribbean Cup 2019 will be the first International Freediving Competition that will have judges and endorsements from the two world organizations that regulate this sport: AIDA and CMAS

Caribbean Cup 2019 is a competition open to the entire international community of freedivers. Each day of competition the athletes will be free to choose the discipline in which they want to compete (CNF, FIM, CWT, CWB) as well as if they will do it under AIDA or CMAS rules.

Caribbean Cup 2019 is a CMAS & AIDA World Record Status Competition.

INFO : http://caribbeancupfreediving.com/
August 1-5, 2019

After Caribbean Cup will be the 4th CMAS Outdoor Freediving World Championship in Roatan, Honduras from August 6 to 12 of 2019

Organized by Roatan Freediving School & Training Center.
Roatan, Honduras

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