🇪🇸 Video: Just Like you. Freediving with Pilot Whales

(Sportalsub.net / Apnea Canarias / Aqua Work) – Versión en Español Shot in digital with a Red Epic Dragon cine camera at 6K resolution – 6 times greater than high definition. Miguel Lozano is silver medallist World Depth Championship 2015. Pilot whales live in family groups of several individuals led by a matriarch. They have a complex social structure which is […]

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🇳🇱 15th CMAS Underwater Photography World Championship Netherlands 2015 – Results

(Especial Sportalsub.net / CMAS / NOB) – Leer en Español The 15th CMAS Underwater Photography World Championship was held in the province of Zeeland, the Netherlands, from Thursday 21 May to Monday 25 May 2015.  The event was organised by the Dutch Underwater Federation (NOB) under the supervision of  the CMAS Sport Committee and the CMAS Visual Commission. Absolute Winners 1st Place: Damir […]

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🇩🇪 German Team wins the 2nd CMAS World Championships of Underwater Video in Tenerife – Spain + Video

(Sportalsub.net / CMAS / FEDAS / VDST) From October 7th, 2014 until October 12th, 2014 the 2nd. CMAS Underwater-World Championships for videographers will take place in Las Galletas / Tenerife TEAM RESULTS GERMANY. KATJA KIESLICH / FRANK PASTORS ITALY. ENRICO RABBONI / LAURET TASCAMPINI SPAIN. JORGE LOPEZ / NURIA ZIRO SPAIN. MARC CUBELLS / JORDI AYAL FRANCE. LOUIS THERRY / GILLES BAYSSELIER BELGIUM. JOHAN DESMEDT / GERRY […]

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