🇹🇷 Results – 6th CMAS Freediving Outdoor World Championship – Kaş, Turkey 2022

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6th CMAS Freediving Outdoor World Championship and 2nd Master World Championship at Kaş, Antalya, Turkey from 3-7 October 2022


Day 1 – October 3 – CWT – Full Video

VIDEO: CMAS Freediving World Championship 2022 Kas Day 1
First day of the 2022 CMAS Freediving Outdoor World Championship98 athletes from 39 countries, competed in the discipline of Constant Weight (CWT), a freediving discipline which requires the freedivers to ascend and descend along the dive-line without pulling or grabbing the line. Grabbing and pulling the line is allowed only at the 3 meters free zone above the bottom plate or else the athlete will be disqualified. The weights of the athletes must remain the same during the dive. In CWT freedivers use mono-fins or bifins to dive. The freefall is starting at a depth of around 25 to 35 meters. On the ascent however, the freediver must overcome this negative buoyancy and propel himself all the way back to the surface in one breath.

CWT is the most common competition discipline among freedivers and needs apneistic abilities and excellent finning technique.

The previous days’ weather conditions caused a one-hour delay to the start of the competition. Except for some cases of athlete blackouts, that were treated properly, the competition ran smoothly and succesfully. Here are the results of day 1, congratulations to the new world champions and medal winners.

🥇 Arnaud Jerald   123 mts FRA 🇫🇷
🥈 Davide Carrera   121 mts ITA 🇮🇹
🥉 Antonio Mogavero  113 mts ITA 🇮🇹

🥇 Alenka Artnik   116 mts SLO 🇸🇮
🥈 Alessia Zecchini   109 mts ITA 🇮🇹
🥉 Alice Modolo   93 mts FRA 🇫🇷



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Day 2 – October 4 – FIMFull Video

VIDEO: CMAS Freediving World Championship 2022 Kas Day 2
Second day of the CMAS World Championship in Kas was a very exciting one with amazing performances.Today was the FIM (free immersion) discipline which is the discipline were athletes dive without fins but by pulling the rope with their hands. Many athletes prefer this discipline as they find it more relaxing than CWT or CNF.The deepest dive ever performed at a freediving competition and incredible new World Record belongs to Petar Klovar from Croatia, who successfully completed an astonishing dive to 132m in 4min!
Congratulations Petar!Mateus Malina had announced 121 meters but unfortunately made an early turn at 112m getting a yellow card, so second place and vice World Champions are both Guillaume Bourdila and Vitomir Maricic who both dived to 110m.In women, Katerina Sadurska from Ukraine is the World Champion in FIM with 92m, her deepest dive ever. Irena Vanova, from the Czech Republic is vice-champion with a dive to 83m, and Sansa Delija won bronze with a dive to 81m.
In the Masters women category we have Nina McGowan from Ireland winning the gold medal in the 50-54 age category with a dive to 40m, and in the men’s category we have Christian Vogler from France winning gold medal and World Record dive to 95mJesper Stechman won silver medal, and Tomasz Uflewski won third place.In the Masters category age 55-59, we have Jennifer Brant from USA with a gold medal, in men gold medal and world record belongs to Pete Botman from the Netherlands with a dive to 96 meters. Silver medal for David Mellor from Great Britain with 88m and bronze for Jens Stoetzner from Germany with 82m.Karsten Mohr has a world record and gold medal at the 60-64 age category, with a dive to 75m, and Christoph Dromard has won gold medal and a world record for the 65-69 age category with a dive to 65m.Finally, we have Annabel Edwards from the USA winning gold medal in the 70+ age category with a 41m dive.The competition ran smoothly with no delays thanks to the well organised safety team led by Roberto Butera, chief judge Dimitri Koumoulos, assistant judge Ezio Barbero and the technical delegate Radek Gaca.Once again the President of CMAS, Anna Arzanova was there with CMAS freediving director Mr Tolis Belos, supervising the event and ensuring it’s success. We wish good luck and amazing dives to all athletes.

🥇 Petar Klovar  132 mts CRO 🇭🇷 – WORLD RECORD
🥈 Guillaume Bourdila 110 mts FRA 🇫🇷
🥈 Vitomir Maricic  110 mts CRO 🇭🇷

🥇 Katerina Sadurska   92 mts UKR 🇺🇦
🥈 Irena Vanova   83 mts CZE 🇨🇿
🥉 Sansa Delija   81 mts CRO 🇭🇷



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Day 3 – October 5 – Rest day

Day 4 – October 6 – CNF – Full Video

VIDEO: CMAS Freediving World Championship 2022 Kas Day 3
Third day of the CMAS 6th Outdoor World Championship in Kas and we had the constant weight no fins (CNF) discipline, were athletes are required to dive without the use of fins but by swimming down and back up in a “swimming” style.

The weather conditions were perfect with no currents and as there were fewer athletes today, there were only two diving lines.

In the men’s senior categoryPetar Klovar from Croatia is the World Champion performing yet another astonishing world record dive to 94mMateusz Malina from Poland won the silver medal with a dive to 87m and Antonio Mogavero, the young talented athlete from Italy, won bronze with a dive to 79m.

In the woman’s senior category, we have once again Kateryna Sadurska from Ukraine, World Champion with a beautiful dive to 70m. Silver went to Amber Bourke from Australia who performed a dive to 65m, and Fatima Korok from Hungury won bronze with a dive to 63m.

In the Masters category aged 50-54 men, the gold medal and world record belong to Jesper Stechmann from Denmark who dove to 72m. Silver went to Birol Ozbek from Turkyie with 56m, and bronze to Peter Munk Truelsen from Denmark, with a dive to 42m.

For women in the same age category, Birgul Erken won gold medal with a dive to 33m.

In the Masters age category 55-59 menPete Botman from the Netherlands won gold with a world record dive to 70mJens Stoetzner from Germany won silver with a dive to 68m and David Mellor from Great Britain won bronze with a dive to 58m.

In the age category 60-64 masters menMilton Drageset won the gold medal diving to 38m and Karsten Mohr from Germany won silver with a dive to 28m.

For the age category 65-69 men, we have Christophe Dromard from France who won gold for his dive to 40m, and finally, for the age group 70+ women, the gold medal belongs to the amazing Annabel Edwards from the USA. It was a great day with excellent dives and perfect conditions.

For tomorrow CWT BI-FIN category we are waiting to watch some more amazing performances. We wish the best to all athletes.

🥇 Petar Klovar  94 mts CRO 🇭🇷 – WORLD RECORD
🥈 Mateuz Malina 87 mts POL 🇵🇱
🥉 Antonio Mogavero  79 mts ITA 🇮🇹

🥇 Katerina Sadurska 70 mts UKR 🇺🇦
🥈 Amber Bourke   65 mts AUS 🇦🇺
🥉 Fatima Korok   63 mts HUN 🇭🇺



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Day 5 – October 7 – CWT-BF – Full Video


Bad weather conditions prevented the competition from finishing

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