🇷🇺 Big Show on CMAS Super Sprint Cup Finswimming 2016 in Russia


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Past monday september 12th after Golden Final CMAS World Cup Finswimming in Tomsk, Rusia
CMAS Super Sprint Cup, best 16 finswimmers sprinters (8 women and 8 men)

50 apnea, 50 surface, 100 surface. 10.000 US$ prizes and Big Show

Official Results – Photogallery


 Ekaterina Mikhailushkina
Twice world champion and world record holder
 Max Poschart
Triple world champion
 Erica Barbon Italy
Twice World Championship bronze medalist
   Mauricio Fernandez Castillo Colombia
4-time world champion and world record holder
   Sofia Ktena Greece
World Championship bronze medalist, European champion and record holder
   Pavel Kabanov
19-time world champion and multiple word record holder
   Aleksey Kazantsev
Twice world champion and world record holder
   Anna Ber
World champion and record holder
   Vasilisa Kravchuk
Multiple world champion and world record holder
   Dmitrii Zhurman
Triple world champion and world record holder
   Elizaveta Andrienko
World cups multiple champion and European championship medalist
Best World Cup Finswimmer 2016
   Aliaksandr Biazmen
World Cup medalist and best Belarus finswimmer 2016
   Alena Parshina
Twice world junior champion
   Nikita Zaytsev
World junior champion
   Alexsandra Skurlatova
Twice world champion and record holder
   Dmitrii Kokorev
4-time world champion and 2-time world record holder

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