🇧🇶 Results and Records DeepSea Challenge 2016 International Freediving Competition in Bonaire


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DeepSea Challenge International Freediving Competition hosted by Carlos Coste and DeepSea Freediving School
Constant Weight, Free Inmersion, Constant No Fins, Static and Dynamic in sea

1 World Récord, 2 Continental Records and 7 National Records AIDA
Jeanine Grasmeije (Netherlands) World Record Free Inmersion -92 mts,
Carolina Schrappe (Brasil) Southamerican Record Variable Weight -95 mts
Carlos Coste (Venezuela) Southamerican Record Constant No Fins -69 mts
Ashley Chapman (USA) National Records Constant Weight -85 mts, Free Inmersion -84 mts
Alfredo Roen (Spain) National Record Constant Weight -102 mts
Aurore Asso (France) National Record Constant No Fins -54 mts
Alex Alvarado (Puerto Rico) National Records Constant Weight -50 mts, Free inmersion -50 mts, Static 5:24


Best Athletes Women

  1. Ashley Chapman (USA)
  2. Liv Philip (Great Britain)
  3. Marian Kazankova (Russia)

Best Athletes Men

  1. Alfredo Roen (Spain)
  2. Jose Luis Farina (Spain)
  3. Boy Rozeendal (Netherlands)


Complete Results


Récords Guinness longest distance in sea with one breath
Carlos Coste (VEN) 177 mts
Marina Kazankova (RUS) 154 mts

Photos by Denys Rilov and Gaby Coste
Video: https://youtu.be/Bcyk-froEh4


More Info: Event Facebook
Official Website: http://deepseabonaire.com/deepsea-challenge-2016/

Email: deepseabonaire@gmail.com
Website: http://www.carloscoste.com/ http://www.deepseabonaire.com/
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