🌎 CMAS Zone America Underwater 2015 Calendar



The World Underwater Activities Federation in Zone America publishes the official calendar of events 2015

Mode Event Date Place
Finswimming 1st round of Finswimming World Cup 23 to the 25 January Cartagena, Colombia
Finswimming, Apnea, Rugby, Hockey VI FEDECAS Games 4 to the 8 June Colombia
Finswimming I Pan American Junior Finswimming Championship 4 to the 8 June Colombia
Finswimming III International Finswimming Kids Festival 4 to the 8 June Colombia
Underwater Rugby Underwater Rugby World Championships 26 July to the 1 August Cali, Colombia
Spearfishing Spearfishing Pan American Championship 12 to the 16 August Merida, Yucatan, Mexico
Assembly Annual CMAS America 12 August Mexico
Assembly Assembly UIFAS 12 August Mexico



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