🇫🇷 Results – Coupe de Gascogne 4th International Underwater Rugby 2018 Tournament in Bordeaux, France – June 2018

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The UWR club Association Française de Rugby Subaquatique was pleased organized the 4th International Underwater Rugby Tournament in France “Coupe de Gascogne” in Talence (Bordeaux) – France. 2nd June 2018


Here are the results of the 4th edition of the Coupe de Gascogne, wich took place on Saturday the 2nd of June :
1. Krefeld
2. The mighty croissant (mixed team from germany)
3. London
4. Mülheim
5. Barcelona
6. Madrid
8. The frogs and the Devil Plankton (Bordeaux1 and 2)
9. Albi (France)
10. Chettenham

We were glad to organize our tournament with the present teams and hope to see you next year!
Pictures are coming soon…

The Cup was played at the pool

Stade Nautique Henri Deschamps
Avenue de Thouars
33400 Talence

Our tournament will be divided in two parts:
A mixed Tournament (AM) and an International Tournament (PM).
During the mixed tournament, each team is a mixed of 12 players, made up of 2 players
from each nation)
The international tournament will confront the teams, nation by nation.

Invitation 2018

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More info: Facebook Coupe de Gascoine 2018 

email: coupedegascogne.contact@gmail.com

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