Echale Agua Freediving Challenge 2018 – Panama


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After 2 successful editions of the International Freediving Competition held in Panama in 2016 and 2017 by the renowned Venezuelan freediver Iru Balic the Freediving Panama Club will carry out again this important competition in the Central American country under the name “Échale Agua 2018” on October 20th and 21th, event that has the endorsement of AIDA International and that will include the swimming pool modalities: static, dynamic with fins and dynamic without fins, both for freedivers with experience in Open category, as well as for the first time in category newbies so that people who are starting in this sport have a nice time and know the apnea under the safety standards of this discipline.


Iru Balic (Venezuela) / Jaime Moreno (Colombia)

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More event details: Website Aida Internacional  / @apneapanama

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