🇫🇷 AIDA, sport students and Alpes-Maritimes Department did it ! Olympic torch in Freediving in France

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For the first time since 1896 and the creation of the moderne Olympics, AIDA international collaborated with sport teachers ans students from the Nice University and the Department of Alpes-Maritimes (CD06) to create this amazing moment with the underwater olympic torch.

Created by Joseph Strazzanti from CD06, the underwater olympic torch has been made to preserve the marine environment : the smoke was produced by air bubbles contained in a 300b 0.2l mini-bottle supplied by Aqualung militaire and hidden inside the torch. The flame was created by an orange-yellow 3D creation illuminated by LEDs controlled by a microcomputer hidden inside the torch.

To organize this underwater sequence, CD06 called on Claude Chapuis, AIDA instructor trainer and co-founder of AIDA. He organized the safety arrangements both underwater and on the surface.

Delphine Marleux and Cédric Palerme, both AIDA instructors and judges, were responsible for assisting Alice, retrieving the torch and counting down the dive.

Brigitte Banegas, qualified for the AIDA Freediving World Championship, was Alice’s safety freediver.

Finally, a surface safety team was represented by 8 AIDA safety competition freedivers, all students at the sport faculty of Nice, where Claude Delphine and Cédric work.

By Claude Chapuis <claude.chapuis@orange.fr>
Co-founder of AIDA International in 1992

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Last Updated on June 21, 2024