🌎 Would adding Finswimming to the Olympics attract more viewers and participants?

The Olympics is one of the world’s most widely televised and coveted broadcasted events that features a great number of athletes from across the globe competing in a range of challenging events.

Despite the Olympics offering viewers with a great variety of events there has been a greater consensus to include even more sports across the scheduled events with finswimming likely to be added to future underwater competitions.

Since its inception back in 1896, the Olympics remains as one of the world’s most profusely watched competitions with more sporting events being added throughout its long and prosperous tenure at almost every single event.

With more sporting events being confirmed to be added to the Olympics on a regular occurrence it further utilizes a number of athletes from a range of different sports who can help raise their notoriety for their own personal profile as well as the developing popularity of any sports that they are representing or competing in.

Underwater sports have become one of the most popular events at many Olympic games which has seen many viewers witness a multitude of exceptional talent to help inspire any evolving young talents who may be aiming to become an Olympic athlete at a future event.

While underwater Olympic sports have a multitude of high profile and highly competitive events, fans are still clamoring for more sports to be added to help attract more athletes to future Olympic events, with finswimming being a particular favorite amongst fans to be added.

Finswimming involves swimmers donning a fin and a snorkel while swimming lengths of an Olympic sized pool and could be a future Olympic sporting event that can certain help add greater variety and providence to underwater events and can also help encourage more individuals to compete in the sport itself.

Why finswimming is a must for the Olympics:

Sporting fans are often accustomed to placing bets and wagering money on sports leagues and events with the NFL being a particular example of a league that has garnished a great reputation in the betting market for all sport fans. These NFL lines provide a greater insight into the variety of betting opportunities available for a number of franchises and their matchup, something that could be adjusted to finswimming should the sport gain the traction by being a competitive sport in the Olympic games.

Should finswimming be added to an Olympic games event it would help open up further betting markets for the sport which in turn would continue to help raise its profile and the awareness of the sports inclusion in the Olympic games.

More viewers would likely want to place wagers on the event should it be available on wider sportsbooks and would further play a major role in helping the sport gain a wider credibility and recognition from all sporting sectors.

While the sport could add some much-needed refurbishment into the current betting markets, it can also help attract a wider audience to the Olympic games and likely gain a wide variety of intrigue from any regular Olympic games viewers who may have been unfamiliar or otherwise unsure of the sports notoriety and popularity.

Scuba diving is still a popular leisure amongst many sporting fans, with a number of famous adaptions also being created surrounding this sector in major forms of media including Hollywood movies and TV shows such as Sea Hunt and Diver Dan which are all shows that have gained a great reputation and familiarity to mainstream target audiences.

Adding further scuba diving sports to the Olympics, including finswimming, would continue to appease this demographic who may now be more interested in tuning into underwater diving Olympic broadcasted events.

More inclusion of events such as finswimming can provide sports with a greater notoriety and familiarity with all regular Olympic game viewers which can result in the development of role models who can further help inspire other members from the target demographic to strive to get more involved in all sports and likely to want to become a future medalist in latter Olympic games.

While the sport certainly does not have the esteemed popular and overzealous spotlight that comes with many major sports including soccer, basketball, boxing, golf or tennis, it can certainly be considered as a likely new suitor for all future Olympic game events and can bring a multitude of vital factors along with this new addition.

Swimming and underwater sports remain some of the most popular broadcasted sports available at the Olympic games and the addition of finswimming can certainly help the events gain greater traction and produce more figurehead athletes who can become mainstay commodities for all audiences to witness and admire.

The Olympics only come around every four years making the events all the more special and important for many country’s reputations and providence with audiences across the globe, with more added sports likely to help provide audiences with even more reasons to tune into any available sporting events that they may be up taking in real life.

Finswimming is still in a developing phase and remains a largely unknown, or rather unbeknownst, sporting leisure that many demographics may not remain interested to participate in, meaning that if this sport was added to the future Olympic games it could help the event gain more target suitors as well as providing even more variety in sports that are available to participate in. 


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Last Updated on November 16, 2021