🇨🇴 Results – Copa Delphinus Soloapnea 2019 – Santa Marta, Colombia

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The Copa Delphinus Soloapnea 2019, international freediving competition, organized by the Delphinus Club of Colombia in partnership with SoloApnea of ​​Chile with the endorsement of the International Association for the Development of Apnea (AIDA) and Colombian Underwater Federation (FEDECAS),  was take place from May 7 to 15 in Santa Marta, Colombia.

The event was feature the outstanding participation of the World Champion and World Record holder, the Italian Alessia Zecchini


Day 1

Results Day 1 – May 8th

Day 2

Results Day 2 – May 9th

Day 3

Results Day 3 – May 10th

Day 4

Results Day 4 – May 12th

Day 5

Results Day 5 – May 13th

Day 6

Results Day 6 – May 14th

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Facebook Oficial: https://www.facebook.com/copadelphinusoloapnea/
Instagram Oficial: https://www.instagram.com/copadelphinusoloapnea/

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