🇨🇴 Finswimming Long Distance (Open Water) CMAS World Championship 2021 – Santa Marta, Colombia

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The Open Water FinSwimming World Championship will be held on September 22-27 2021 on Santa Marta, in junior, senior and master categories in the 2 branches.


Colombia has been designated as the venue for the Finswimming Long Distance (Open Water) CMAS World Championship in 2021, by the Board of Directors of the World Underwater Federation Activities, before the 2019 General Assembly to be held on April 9 in the city of Monaco.

The information has been confirmed by William Peña, President of CMAS Zona América and the Colombian Underwater Federation (FEDECAS)

This confirms again (as had been done up to 2005) the realization of two World Finswimming Championships in 2021, the Open Water in Colombia and the pool in Tomsk, Russia to be held in July of the same year

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Source: CMAS Zona América