🌎 Freediving… the best therapy for clear the mind?

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The Freediving or Diving in Apnea is an activity that can be practiced for sports or recreational purposes and is increasingly recommended to clear the mind, fight stress and feel free in the underwater environment.

Even immersing ourselves in apnea can serve as self-help therapy, however there are techniques and therapies that can help us overcome past problems and improve our quality of life in the present, as the insight therapy.

But what is insight therapy? We invite you to read more about this kind of therapy here: https://www.betterhelp.com/advice/therapy/what-is-insight-therapy-definition-purpose-and-applications/

When we freedive, without any type of breathing equipment, we enter a different world, where the connection with the environment and with ourselves offers unique sensations that only those who practice and enjoy this activity can experience.

However, to practice freediving and be able to enjoy the underwater environment in a safe and pleasant way, it is very important to take all precautions, since it is an activity that has its risks and that is why for those who want to start in this activity, the most It is advisable to go with a recognized instructor, club or diving center or teaching apnea, have a check-up or medical examination prior to practicing the sport and then, one of the most important rules, never do apnea alone.

We can dive and enjoy apnea individually, clearing the mind, but we must always do it with a partner, who is aware of us, as well as we of him, knowing both the safety protocols that we must comply with in case of any inconvenience in our diving.

Likewise, if we practice apnea at sea, we must have the appropriate equipment, a signaling buoy and know the places where the activity can be practiced and carried out safely.

If you still do not practice freediving, we invite you to join this wonderful world, where you will discover that you can push the limits of the body and mind far beyond what you had imagined. Being a freediver is #beunderwater.

Author: Miguel Cedeño 
Director Sportalsub.net
Twitter: @miguelsportsub